Grossmont Secondary School is dedicated to meeting the educational needs of students in San Diego County and surrounding communities. We strive to meet the needs of students and families in each community we serve. Find out below to see which Grossmont Secondary School Resource Center is closest to your neighborhood! If you would like more information, please contact us.

  • El Cajon Resource Center
    111 Fletcher Parkway, El Cajon, CA 92020

    • Michelle Gross-Teacher, grades 7-12
    • Ivy Koehler-Teacher, grades 7-12
    • Ciel Major-Teacher, grades 7-12
    • Katie Pitman-Teacher, grades 7-12
    • Troy Machado-Education Specialist, grades 7-12
  • Paradise Valley Resource Center
    123 Worthington St., Ste. 104, Spring Valley, CA 91977

    • Ellie Hanna-Teacher, grades 7-12
    • Cathy Macias-Teacher, grades 7-12
    • Alya Marron-Teacher, grades 7-12
    • Kelli Weyant-Teacher, grades 7-12
    • Reeni Tibunsay-Education Specialist, grades 7-12
  • La Mesa Resource Center
    5975 Severin Drive, La Mesa, CA 91942

    • Kelly Collins-Teacher, grades 7-12
    • Amy Hagen-Teacher, grades 7-12
    • Troy Machado-Education Specialist, grades 7-12

*To contact an administrator, call (858) 678-2020 and ask for School Coordinator Hayley Beaupre. She can also be contacted by email at hbeaupre@grossmontcharter.com

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