Leveraging The Community

Grossmont Secondary School partners with many community leaders to deliver a well-rounded program that transforms students into self-sufficient community members. Grossmont partners vary from post-high school career and placement services to Westfield Malls. Most partners are community-based and work with Grossmont to deliver additional services and opportunities for Grossmont students. Other partners are interested in championing educational reform, and with Grossmont track record of successful outcomes, they become partners to move the reform discussion forward.

Current Partnerships

Grossmont is partnered with:

San Diego Chamber of Commerce
SAY San Diego
U.S. Marine Corps.
U.S. Navy
Alliant International University – Alliant International University partners with Altus Schools to their employees that offers education benefits. 

Become A Partner

Partnering with Grossmont provides an opportunity to transform both students’ lives and the community as a whole. Some of our partners offer resources to students to help them reach their potential. If you are interested in becoming a partner with Grossmont, please contact us.

Become A Partner

Welcome, Grossmont Alumni!

Many of Grossmont Secondary School graduates will successfully transition to four year institutions, community colleges, vocational and technical schools, military, and employment opportunities. It is important for us to stay in touch with our Grossmont Alumni. Please let us know how you’re doing by completing this form:

Alumni Community

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At Grossmont, first and foremost, we truly believe that any student who needs a small, personalized, safe educational environment should be aware of our program. Frequently students tell us that this school has changed their life. Every student’s story reiterates the important role we play in the lives of students, families, and the community we serve and just how important it is that we reach them.

To ensure that we attract students who are reflective of the community surrounding our resource centers Grossmont monitors enrollment weekly and deploys a variety of marketing campaigns. These campaigns include

  • Community Flyers
  • Billboards
  • Posters
  • Electronic media
  • Direct mail
  • Local community newspapers

Leads and enrollments generated as a results of each marketing activity are tracked and monitored to ensure effectiveness.

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